The Truth About Moving Down Under

The Truth About Moving Down Under

With the one-year anniversary of our move Down Under, Jon and I have been reminiscing about “one year ago” memories almost daily (with the help of Amazon photo app reminders). It’s crazy what can change in a year. 365 short days and here we are; living (and loving) a different life in another country. We’re adjusted, settled and feeling so content in our decision and this phase of our lives. To say I expected this would be a lie, but to say I longed for this would be a big truth.

Jon recently referred to this move as a, “Leap of faith,” and I thought about that saying and felt like that didn’t quite capture it…it was more like a, “Leap in faith.” The question I’ve gotten the most from friends back home has been a simple but earnest, “Do you like it?!” We’ve told many this story but never blogged about it, so here we go!

We spent the first years of our marriage (mostly) happily working and living in Northern Virginia, but also aching for more. Settling down (buying a house and “locking ourselves” to that area) just didn’t feel right so we kept asking and praying for “a sign” of what we were to do and where we were to go.

Jon and I discussed opportunities and entertained nearly every option. We were really up for anything, so long as it kept us together. He applied to a bunch of options and we waited months to hear anything back.

At the same time, we knew we were ready to start a family and found out we were expecting; everyone was SO excited (especially the grandparents, since it would be the first grandchild)! Within weeks, we also got the news that Jon had been selected for this position in Alice Springs…it was SO much big news, all at once! Cue all the bittersweet tears!

Somehow, though, Jon and I both felt a huge sense of relief and calm when we got the news about the move. The practical details were stressful, but overall, the feeling of peace we felt about it was amazing. We never faltered in our excitement for this opportunity and the belief that God would provide what we needed, when we needed it. The whole thing (from everyone else’s perspective) seemed hugely stressful, but we were not that stressed.  Somehow we both felt it was the right move and it would work out, which was an incredibly faith-assuring experience.

This past year of change, transition and adjustment has been a continuation of the re-assurance that God provides what we need, when we need it. Our housing assignment was left to the last minute (which was stressful) but it turned out perfectly; we couldn’t have asked for a better house and neighborhood.  In fact, it is one of the reasons we are loving our time in Alice!  Jon took a sudden pay-cut this spring, just as an opportunity came my way to work at the gym…time and time again, we have felt God’s hand in this experience, providing what we need, when we need it (sometimes with such perfect timing that we haven’t even prayed for it)!

There were times when everyone (and we) thought this move, with a newborn, was too crazy but it was exactly what we, our family and our marriage needed.

So, do we like it? Yes! And it was absolutely the right move (even if it was a bold one) for our family.

All this to say; if you’re living life but feeling there must be more, find it. Keep praying and looking for God’s guiding light. Even if it takes you somewhere you never dreamed of traveling (let-alone living); He will never lead you astray.


K, J, EL & P

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