July 4th Down Under

July 4th Down Under

Happy 4th of July!! The Wordens love Independence Day; we’re a very patriotic family. This holiday seemed especially strange in Australia because it’s an American holiday (the Aussies don’t celebrate it, unlike Christmas and Easter). Because if this, it felt like a “business as usual” day.  It’s also winter here, so instead of swimsuits and tank tops, we’re in pants and jumpers! Despite the culture-shock, our 4th of July was filled with lots of festive fun!

Emmylou and I were twins in our red Christmas, turned 4th of July, sweaters.

There was a special fireworks display on Saturday night that wowed us all; including Emmylou. It was her first firework experience and she seemed amazed. Jon and I watched her watching the show with wonder. It was truly a joy!

We also had a coincidental celebration on Monday night, when the Aussies celebrated Territory Day (a state celebration) with fireworks all over town. Emmylou slept through them, Penny hunkered down and Jon and I had a backyard bonfire and s’mores while enjoying the displays we could see from home (which was lots).

Lastly, on the 4th we gathered with our “favorite Americans” and enjoyed a pot-luck style meal at the park in our neighborhood. It was SO simple and FUN! The perfect way to celebrate the freedom we are so blessed to know and call our own, even from afar.  Watermelon was a favorite for this chick!

Smoked sausage and beer was a favorite for him.

I hope you all enjoyed a magical 4th Stateside; I know this was one for our family to remember!


K, J, EL & P

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