6 Wing Legends

6 Wing Legends

We recently met some friends at the Alice Springs Brewing Company for a few beers and the boys decided to take on the Legendary 6 Wing Experience/Challenge.  The only people who had completed the challenge (before our guys crushed it) were employees of the brewery, while they developed the “experience.”  Our guys were pumped to give it a go, to say the least…

Something you may or may not know about Jon is that he does not easily back down from a challenge once he’s set his mind to doing it.  This applies to most every task and part of his life.  Because of this, he is also very thoughtful and cautious before taking on challenges.  This was his first food challenge (I didn’t really know what to expect), so I should have anticipated his determination to eat all 6 wings, despite the challenge.

As witnessed and reported, wings 1-3 were not only cruisey (an Aussie term for easy) but also quite enjoyable. Wing number 4 is where the challenge truly began (most people stop after eating the 4th wing).

The guys all broke out in a sweat and began hurting after eating that wing.  There was surely some hesitation at that point, but Jon pushed through and quickly completed the last 2 wings in the challenge.  His buddies also did the same!  Cheers to these crazy Legends.

These 3 goofballs are now on the wall as “Legends” in the brewery, hah!  All agreed that once their mouths went numb (after wing 4), wings 5 & 6 were easier…who knows if that’s actually true.  From the looks of it, they all seemed to be a bit miserable for the rest of the evening and into the next day…this face says it all! Hah!

I suppose I am pretty proud of my Legendary, hot-wing eating hubby! Hah!


K, J, EL & P

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