A Day in the Life- June 2019

A Day in the Life- June 2019

Whenever I look back on these posts it makes me realize how quickly time flies! I love reading others “Day in the Life” posts and also love looking back on my own. It’s amazing how the day in and day out seems monotonous but is actually momentous! Documenting how we spend our days is a great way to capture our lives, right where we’re at. You notice growth and habits that are both funny and eye-opening. So, here’s our day (somewhat normal, somewhat exciting) on June 12, 2019!

I have been trying to get up earlier and just barely squeaked out of bed in time today. 😂I try to shower and get dressed before Emmylou wakes. Jon also showers and gets ready for work during this time. Emmylou wakes between 6-7 and today it was on the earlier side.

We video chatted with Jon’s parents first thing to catch them before Jon headed to work. Emmylou eats breakfast when she wakes; this morning was a quiche cup and banana.

Then we sent Jon off to work and woke up Sleeping Beauty (Penny) for a walk. Penny tends to be the last out of bed, unless Emmylou is really sleeping in.As we headed out to walk, I heard from a friend that she would be dropping her sweetie off for an appointment that morning. They’re expecting their 3rd baby any minute and we were all dying for it’s arrival (and to know if it’s a boy or girl)!The sunrise was so beautiful! We walked a shorter loop than usual (most days we do a longer run/walk in the morning) to get home and down for a morning nap before our friend came and we needed head to the gym. Penny was less than pleased with this change in routine- sorry P!Emmylou still naps for 45 min to an hour every morning, especially on those she wakes early! Once we arrived home, I put her down and called my mom to chat while I ate breakfast and (finally) drank my coffee. Penny always loves a morning nap after her walk and brekki! 😊Once Emmylou woke up, we ran out the door (with my friend’s little sweetie) for the gym. On this day I was going to spin and the girls would play in Creche. Emmylou is working on being away from Mommy and the ladies at Creche are the best at facilitating this (even if she cries and they have to hold her the whole time; bless them)!Sweaty and happy Mamas after a good workout. 🙂I grabbed my girl(s) and we headed home for an impromptu play/lunch date at our house. We snacked on random stuff from the fridge and bubble tea; the perfect hump day date!Once everyone headed home for naps, Emmylou and I vacuumed (so I could mop during her nap) and I put her down at 1. She naps for 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon.I ate a quick lunch of leftover soup and bubble tea before beginning my chores.On this day I had cleaning on my to-do list, so I started diffusing Thieves and got to it. I was powered by bubble tea…I got the kitchen and bathrooms scrubbed and mopped the whole house in about an hour (while listening to my fav, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey).Once that was all done, I sat down for my quiet time with my sleepy pup and enjoyed the peace and clean. It was nice!When Emmylou woke up from her nap, we dropped dinner off for a friend and came home for a snack.Afterwards, we walked to the park and enjoyed some playing/sniffing.When it was time, we walked to the bus stop to meet Jon. Emmylou was so excited to walk him home!And get a ride!Once we were home, dinner was in the oven and we played until it was ready. I didn’t get many pictures at dinner because it was a bit chaotic…some nights are just crazy like that! (Luckily we remembered to say Grace) ðŸĪŠ I love the look Penny is giving in this picture, hah!Emmylou took a bath and got into her jammies. It was a gorgeous sunset, so we popped outside to enjoy it.Then Emmylou played while Penny enjoyed a bone. Once we put Emmylou down at 7, Jon and I quickly cleaned up the kitchen and sat down to snuggle with our fur baby. And enjoy a brownie, berry and glass of red wine. Dessert was on point on this particular day!We talked, watched some TV and went to bed around 9.

Phew, what a day! Thanks for following along!


K, J, EL & P

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