Traveling with Baby- Flying Overseas

Traveling with Baby- Flying Overseas

Well, we did it!  We made to and from the States with a 1-year-old and lived to tell the tale.  I really credit those who do this trip with multiple children or as a single-parent…we were completely spent flying as a couple with just one baby!  Our trip down here (almost) a year ago was MUCH simpler.  Jet lag didn’t seem as terrible (since we were used to being up multiple times a night with a newborn) and she slept most of the trip.  Traveling with a budding toddler was a bit more exciting challenging…

We were so fortunate to have smooth travels with no delays or missed connections (only a very near miss at LAX).  Overall the trip went really well!  She played, ate and slept her way across the globe and was really a trooper.  All together it was 9 flights…here are a few pictures to document our trip:

Flight snacks are key!

Playing with her Dimpl toy and balloon…read more about our favorite travel toys here.Enjoying a mid-flight pear. She didn’t eat many meals during our flights, so the many snacks we packed came in handy!This little bassinet nap lasted all of 15 minutes…she slept very little during the 14 hour flight back to the States. After landing at LAX, we had to run from customs to our next flight…there were lines, we had to re-check our luggage and our next flight was a few terminals away.  We made it, but it was a struggle.  Thank God we had our stroller (to be gate-checked) because we strapped her in and ran to our connecting flight.  All of this was at 6am LA time and the middle of the night our time- yikes!  After boarding our next flight, we all crashed.We had another lay over…and she was starving!  She ate and rocked her adorable bedhead. 🙂When we FINALLY landed in New York (25 hours later), Emmylou toddled out to get our luggage.  She was SO disoriented at this point…We ended up at a 24-our diner around 4 am in our jammies…welcome back to America!After arriving at Jon’s parents, it took 4 days to get onto a somewhat normal sleep schedule.  She was up and ready to play from 1-3 am for a few nights and struggled staying awake during the day.  My best advice is to use sunlight and fresh air to your advantage.  We also woke her from naps to encourage her to sleep more during the night than the day, but it was tough.  We honestly felt so bad for her!

Heading home, we were hoping that she would sleep more since we were leaving late in the evening. Right before we boarded our flight to Melbourne, she passed out… I got some sweet, sleepy snuggles!And she slept for 7 hours of the flight in the bassinet!  Woohoo!  Clearly this will be her last chance to fit in the bassinet, haha!We arrived back in Australia at dawn and it was a beautiful sunrise!Once we arrived home, it was a busy afternoon getting unpacked and settling in and we all crashed really early (6pm…) and woke up early the next morning.  It has taken a full week to readjust Emmylou to her usual sleep schedule.

Flying internationally with a baby is definitely hard- she was full of energy, at times, and exhausted other times.  She played, ate and watched far to many  episodes of the Wiggles.

We had an amazing time at home, eating all of the delicious food (Mexican and Chic Fil A)!  We are so grateful for the opportunity to travel home and had such an amazing visit with our families!

If you want to know more about flying overseas with a baby; leave a comment!


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