Life Lately- April 2019

Life Lately- April 2019

Thanks for stopping by to check things out; here’s a look at our life lately!

It’s officially Fall in the Outback and we’re just beginning to feel the relief of some cooler temperatures. We celebrated our (hopefully) last 100 degree day with icey poles in the pool. I think we’ll miss this afternoon activity once it cools down.

We are also dying to get out and do some camping. We set up our tent in the yard to see how we would all fit…clearly Emmylou is already getting the idea that the tent is for resting!

The flies are still terrible (and will be around for a couple more months) but we’re ready to get out Bush! We did go out to Tin Can Hill one Saturday evening to see the sunset and all enjoyed it.

We also became a biker gang- buying bikes and a trailer for Emmylou. We have been biking in the evenings and she doesn’t love the helmet but enjoys riding. She’s a biker chick now!

We hope to bike around town now that it’s cooling off. Penny also likes to walk/run along with the bike, so she is not to be left out!

I have seen some firsts when it comes to Outback wildlife, recently. When gardening, I unearthed a Redback Spider (poisonous!) and a neighbor had to call the snake man to get a snake out of her yard. He showed up geared and ready to catch the snake but it had slithered away. It’s still at large (and I’m no longer resting easy)!

Penny is enjoying the cooler weather and spending more time outside. We’ve started walking to meet Jon at the bus some afternoons and she’s been spotting dingoes and roos on our morning walks. We also enjoy taking her to the local dog park. The dogs and owners are much more laid back here; it’s a great place to live for a pup! She’s truly acclimated to her new lifestyle.

Emmylou is now 11 months old and all sorts of trouble and fun! She’s still scooting around on her bum (very quickly!) but also pulling up on everything and trying to free-stand. Surely it won’t be long until she’s walking!

Unfortunately, we have spent a fair amount of the past month battling sickness in our house.  Emmylou started things off and we have all gotten sick following…even Penny got a bout of gastro!  We are hoping that we are germ-free and on the mend now.

We are gearing up for a month-long celebration of Emmylou’s first birthday. We are celebrating with friends in Alice and with family when we go home to the States at the end of April. It should be a great time for everyone!

Once we return from our trip it will be mid-May and camping season will be upon us! We’re looking forward to more Outback adventures to come!

K, J, EL & P

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