Moving Part 4: Welcome to Australia!

Moving Part 4: Welcome to Australia!

We made it into Sydney bright and early. It took a while to collect all of our bags and get through customs but it was still before 9 when we got out to a taxi.

Our first impression of Australia was: BRRRR! We had to quickly unpack Emmylou’s warm jacket because it was cold! We weren’t expecting that but also may be in shock since we left a heat wave in Virginia. Emmylou didn’t seem to mind the cooler air (40’s in the morning with highs in the mid-60’s during the day) and seemed to love snuggling up in her fleecy coat and hood. 😍

We took a cab into the city and checked into our hotel to get ready for the day. We were tired but the second we got into our room and saw this view, we knew we had to get out and explore!

Sydney is a beautiful city! We stayed in Old Sydney in a section of the city called, “The Rocks,” which was perfect to walk around and had lots of great little restaurants and shops. It’s also right between the Opera House and Harbor Bridge, so the sights are unbelievable.

After showering, we walked around The Rocks, bought Emmylou some Australian animal art (she finally gets a nursery when we arrive in Alice ☺) and ate pancakes. (Just a tip, when jet lagged you have to really convince your brain it’s morning and pancakes definitely helped 😜)

Once we had some pancakes and caffeine we were ready to take on Sydney! We walked down to the Bridge and enjoyed the gorgeous views. (Obviously we were not up for the bridge climb with Emmylou in tow, but perhaps we’ll give it a go when we come back someday?! Jon was up for it but I was less enthused with the idea…😬)

We figured Emmylou would fall sleep while we walked around but she hung in like a champ! She took a few, short naps in the stroller (pram) but enjoyed the sights along with us (she’s seriously a dream baby). She LOVES being outside, so a walking tour was right up her alley (and fresh air definitely helped keep Mommy and Daddy awake)!

After gazing at the Bridge we headed around through the wharf and to the Opera House. It was a sunny, cool afternoon so it was perfect walking weather. We shared a champagne toast next to the Opera House and enjoyed this view. 😍

It felt like the perfect welcome to Australia!

Sydney is filled with people from all over the world and everyone is very friendly! We feel like it’s a combination of European/Scandinavian and American…but totally has a unique feeling. It’s also an eclectic blend of old and new architecture, which we enjoyed.

After our toast, we went into the Opera House and scoped it out as much was open. We would love to come back to Sydney at some point to come to a performance- the Opera House is so beautiful!

We were dragging a bit at this point in the afternoon, so we grabbed a cappuccino and walked back towards The Rocks. We ended up eating an early dinner at a German restaurant and enjoyed their biergarten. Sweet baby girl was SO tired, she couldn’t hang in any more.

After dinner, we headed back to the room to crash. We all slept from about 6pm-3am, which is typical with jet lag. Emmylou ended up sleeping a few hours more while Jon and I blogged. 😊

Day 2 in Sydney was met with a beautiful sunrise (talk about room with a view)!  We headed to breakfast at The Rocks Cafe and enjoyed some delicious food and a dreamy cappuccino! The food in Sydney has been so fresh (similar to eating farm to table in the US).

After breakfast we headed to the wharf at Circular Quay to catch the ferry to Bangaroo/Darling Harbor.

We enjoyed the Darling Harbor area but I thought it was a bit too touristy. We ended up having a yummy lunch and going to the Australian Maritime Museum to see an exhibit on James Cameron (which was fascinating). We saved the zoo and aquarium for when Emmylou would appreciate it (and not sleep through it).

Someone was very sleepy…jet lag definitely got the best of her!

On the ferry ride back we caught these views and the sun was beginning to go down. Days are short here, just like they are during winter at home!

Once we were back at Circular Quay, we enjoyed the Bastille festival that was going on. We ate crepes and a stroopwaffle (I was obsessed with this food truck and had to have one). YUM! The festival scene was perfect because we were tired and didn’t want anything fancy. We even bought some fun art for our new, Australian home!

Even on our sleepy walk home we enjoyed the magic of Sydney!

We loved our time in Sydney so much and look forward to exploring much more on another visit. Penny has safely arrived in Melbourne and has begun her 10 days of quarantine. 🙏🏻 Thank you all so much for your prayers and well wishes! It has meant so much to our family to have so much love and support as we kick off this crazy tour!

Happy Trails,
K, J, EL, & P

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  • I’ve been reading your blog, your mom sent us the link! What an adventure for your little family! Love the pictures, I don’t think you take too many!!! Emmylou is adorable, as is Penny💗love to all! Drive safe😱I think I’d have to hire a driver!

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