Moving Part 2: Ready…Set…

Moving Part 2: Ready…Set…

Penny was the first to kick off our move, heading to LA for a weekend before flying to Melbourne for the 10 days of quarantine. She traveled well (via Minneapolis) and managed to “hold it” the whole way. We seriously can’t believe how disciplined she is and we pray that she will let herself go on the way down to Australia (and not feel like she has to hold it). Don’t you wish you could talk to dogs and explain to them it’s ok?! Upon arrival she was a bit wide-eyed but has settled in well at the kennel.

Penny has been boarded while she awaits USDA approval and her flight to Melbourne. According to the fantastic staff at The Kennel Club LAX, she’s been enjoying snuggles during her stay 😍. I’ll be sure to post all about her trip in its entirety once she arrives in Alice.

We have spent the weekend with both Jon’s family and my parents. We had such a nice visit with everyone and so appreciated all of their travels to see us off. There was a final crunch of packing, changing our address, porting our phone numbers and many other tasks. It was SO nice having family there to support us and love on Emmylou (and us) before we headed down.

Next up are the final goodbyes and big trip! See you Down Under!

Happy Trails,
K, J, EL & P

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