Moving Part 3: And They’re Off!

Moving Part 3: And They’re Off!

We’re (finally) off to Australia! This day has been a long time coming and I think everyone is ready to get this part over with! We spent the weekend with both sides of our family and it was wonderful but we all dreaded the final goodbyes. We’re very excited but sad to be so far from family. We plan to visit home as soon as possible since Emmylou’s growing like a weed!

We arrived at the airport with 5 suitcases, 1 duffel bag, 2 tote bags, 2 backpacks, 1 purse, a stroller and a car seat. We also carried on Emmylou’s SnuggleMe cushion and SwaddleUp to sleep in. I tell you, that kid is a lucky traveler! She’s also really easy/portable at 10 weeks so we’re super grateful for that. She was ready for her adventure (complete with her themed outfit)!

On another note, many have asked about getting Emmylou’s passport photo…it was as challenging as you can imagine 😜 We took her at 4 weeks and thanks to a very patient employee, we ended up with this adorable keepsake.

For our flights down, we ended up with 2 seats (Emmylou as a lap child) to Houston and 3 business class seats to Sydney 🙌🏻. The flight left late in the evening so we treated it like normal bedtime for all of us. Emmylou was already fast asleep when we boarded; sweet girl was SO tired from a busy day of travel. She didn’t know we were just getting started…

We set up Emmylou’s seat just like her crib and she ended up sleeping through the first half of the (16 hour) flight!  Jon and I got cozy in our jams and we all settled in for some sleep. 😬 It wasn’t a full night of rest but worked out pretty well!

For the second half of the flight we alternated between playing with her in her seat, changing diapers and her napping while we watched a movie.

She also woke up in time to catch the last few scenes of Star Wars with Daddy 🤣.

She was a dream traveler! The toughest thing was knowing we’re leaving behind her consistent nighttime stretches of sleep due to the time change (somehow Emmylou was born knowing day/night and has been a super sleeper). Surely we’ll all get back on track within the first couple weeks here.

We’re excited to land and explore Sydney for a couple of days before making our final flight to Alice Springs. We’re also thinking of sweet Penny, who takes off about the time we land. We will hear updates about her trip and quarantine soon!

Happy Trails,
K, J, EL & P

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