We’re Headed Down Under!

We’re Headed Down Under!

No really…

It’s been far too long since our last post, but let’s be honest, there’s been LOTS going on in our corner of the world. First, and most importantly, meet the newest member of our pack, Emmaline Louise!! Born on April 28th, this dream baby has made us parents and Penny a big sister! We’re all smitten with sweet Emmylou and, yes, Penny is the best with her! Here’s some photographic evidence/baby spam…

In addition to our new addition, we will be embarking on a new adventure as a family. We are headed Down Under for a couple of years, as Jon will be working new a position in Alice Springs! We know the question on all of your minds is: will Penny go?! And, YES, of course (it wouldn’t be an Upward Hound Adventure without her)! She’s set to depart in a couple of days and we’ll meet up with her, post quarantine, in Alice.

To say that we feel blessed would be an understatement. We plan to share our many amazing adventures with you through this blog! We’re calling it, “Upward Hound Adventures: Down Under,” and think it has a nice ring to it (thanks for the idea, Linda)!

We look forward to sharing this amazing and unique opportunity with all of you and encourage you to get out of your comfort zone along with us- head to a new place or take on a new challenge- life is too short to pass up a new adventure.  And to channel my inner-elementary school teacher:

So really, in a week we head Down Under to begin this amazing adventure as a family of 4.  I usually wish you all, “Happy Trails,” at the end of my posts, but, this time, I’m wishing it to ourselves…traveling with a 9 week old and dog, we’ll need all the help we can get. 😜 Follow us as we embark on this great opportunity and please keep our family in your prayers as we transition to the land Down Under.

Happy Trails,

K, J, EL & P

Thank you for the image.

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  • Soooo excited for you guys! And so so so glad penny is coming along for the adventure! You’re gonna love it!

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