Our Favorite Luggage

Our Favorite Luggage

This picture is of our luggage all ready to go for our big move Down Under.  We literally packed every piece we own, haha!  Clearly we’ve learned a thing or two about luggage and packing…

Buying luggage is a tricky investment; you want something that will comply with airline requirements, something that is functional, and something that will withstand the inevitable wear and tear of travel.  We have been traveling all over the world with our luggage since our honeymoon (in 2015), so I figured a post about our favorite luggage pieces would be helpful.

When we got married, we bought 4 new suitcases…from Costco!  We each got this Samsonite set, which they still have and hopefully will continue to stock forever! It’s the best luggage buy you can find!  Both suitcases are the perfect size- the carry-on fits in every overhead compartment and car trunk (that we’ve tried) and the larger suitcase holds 50 pounds worth of stuff (even stuffed full, we’ve never had it weigh over)!  Samsonite made this luggage set a no-brainer.

Jon had traveled a fair amount using a carry-on for his work trips, so he knew just what he was looking for in terms of a suitcase and this set fit all of his specifications (the big suitcase is a larger version of the carry on, same pockets and everything).  He likes: 1 large front pocket (for a pair of shoes and raincoat, which we always travel with) and one small pocket (for chargers and keys), plus 4 wheels (for easy rolling).  After traveling with these features for almost 4 years, I have to agree that it’s the perfect set up!

We have been impressed with soft-sided luggage and have found them to hold up well; we’ve never felt the need to upgrade to a hard-sided option.  We both have luggage tags that stand out though, since our black suitcases look like every other bag at the baggage claim.

As newlyweds traveled with our carry-on bags but now we both pack a large suitcase in order to fit Emmylou’s things in without having to pack her a separate suitcase (thanks to our packing cubes).  It’s always a good idea to pack baby’s clothes in with yours instead of giving baby a separate suitcase.  Baby’s already require extra pieces of luggage (car seat, stroller, etc.) so try to limit the overall number of pieces you’re carrying.  We also count our pieces before leaving the baggage claim and taxis…we’ve almost lost a piece before.In addition to our Costco Samsonite luggage set, we travel with this carry-on tote. You’ve read about this tote before, because it’s SO great! It’s big, zips shut, is waterproof and can be wiped down. It’s the perfect size for under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin. It also doubles well as a beach bag if you’re going somewhere beachy.

Lastly, I wear this backpack everyday and it’s become my favorite for travel and otherwise! I can fit a lot into it but it’s still low-profile and light (the bag itself is super lightweight). I usually have a few diapers, wipes, a bib, washcloth, paci, my wallet, phone and a few other odds and ends (like my Thieves roller) inside. It can fit a water bottle and sunglasses case, as well. It’s a great bag for travel (and every day too)!

That’s pretty much the luggage we love and have used trip after trip. Other bags have come and gone but these are the tried and true favorites for our family.  If you’re curious about any other gear we travel with, check out this post about the our favorite baby gear and this post about our packing cubes.


K, J, EL & P

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