Somebunny is Turning ONE!

Somebunny is Turning ONE!

We kicked off the celebrations for Emmylou’s first birthday early, since we knew we would be traveling over her real birthday. It was a perfect morning celebrating our girl with our Alice friends!

Emmylou loves her bunny, so we used that as our inspiration and I went crazy.  To say planning this party was fun for me would be an understatement.  Jon even likened it to our wedding…which is fairly accurate.

We loved sharing a special morning celebrating with our dear friends and we adored seeing Emmylou play with her friends.  We had her favorite brunch foods, cake and an egg hunt; it was a hopping good time!

We have continued the birthday celebrations all month and they will surely carry over into May…you only turn 1 once!  Haha!


K, J, EL & P

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