Happy 1st Birthday Emmylou!

Happy 1st Birthday Emmylou!

Hip hip hooray, it’s Emmylou’s first birthday!!We were blessed with the opportunity to get Emmylou in front of our dear friend, Katie’s, camera for a cake smash.  We made a little homemade backdrop and cake, blew up a few balloons and Katie snapped away.  She definitely captured the all of the joy and all of the sweetness that is ONE.  Thank you Katie; we will treasure these photos of our girl!The session was SO. MUCH. FUN!  We loved watching her play with the balloons and enjoy her cake (fairly neatly, by the way).  Penny wanted in on the fun (and cake) so we captured a family picture once it was time to clean up; the whole session was a blast!

We cannot believe our sweet girl is already 1 and entering toddler-hood!  It has brought us so much joy to watch Emmylou learn, grow and develop over the past year.  She is a perfect combination of goofy, dramatic, snugly, mischievous, loving, thoughtful and HAPPY!

Emmylou is playful and loves to dance to the Wiggles. She has 4 teeth and eats everything! She loves routine and is a great sleeper. She’s completely tenacious but also does things cautiously and in her own time. She’s outgoing but can be shy every now and then, which reminds us what a sensitive soul she has. She’s easily frightened and cries if another baby cries; her heart is tender and compassionate. She’s the perfect balance between Jon and I and we can’t wait to see all she does with her spirit.

Happy first birthday to our Emmaline/Emmylou/Smush! We love you so much!


K, J, EL & P

All photos credit of Katie Hullet Photography; currently based in Alice Springs.

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