Glenelg Beach- Adelaide, SA, Australia

Glenelg Beach- Adelaide, SA, Australia

We recently took a trip to Adelaide to have a low-key getaway over President’s Day weekend. We stayed in Glenelg Beach at the Oaks and really enjoyed our time both on the beach and around Adelaide!

The view from our room was perfect; it was ocean-front and we had a balcony. Despite Emmylou’s early bedtime, Jon and I were still able to watch the sunset and enjoy being at the beach!  Your vacation requirements change with parenthood; it’s a huge win to relax together while baby gets good sleep. If the baby is happy, everyone is happy! 😉

We also rented a car, which made our trip really easy! We walked to most places since the Oaks is in a great location but used the car to do a couple of day trips. Emmylou was REALLY good in the car! We don’t drive much in Alice (nothing is more than 10 minutes away) so we didn’t know how she would do being in and out of the car all day.  She was a champ! We tried to plan our long rides around her nap times and she slept in the car really well! Once we arrived she was rested and ready to rock. She is at such a fun age. 🙂

We began our trip with a relaxing day on the beach; Glenelg is such a nice beach! Emmylou played in the sand and surf and we enjoyed the area SO much.

It’s a wonderful place for families due to the incredible playground and variety of food options within walking distance. Glenelg has a lot going on but somehow didn’t feel busy or overdone. It was perfect!

I loved twinning with my girl on the beach.

Most nights we walked to dinner via the beach and played in the sand on our way home. On this night she met seagulls for the first time. 🙂

We also took a trip out to Hahndorf, a German town in the Adelaide Hills. We spent about half a day there and really enjoyed walking around, shopping and eating German food. It was a really cute town!

Someone was a huge fan of pretzels, sausage and cucumbers. 🙂

We also played in a lovely park; it was a perfect day!

After visiting Hahndorf, we drove over to the Prancing Pony Brewery. It was so fun; the beers were yummy and the atmosphere was laid back. The bonus was that Emmylou napped for most of our tasting.

Emmylou indulged in some water tasting when she woke up from her nap, hah!

We also took a day trip to Victor Harbor and the McLaren Vale wine region. We loved Victor Harbor and really enjoyed waking across the bridge to Granite Island.

We also went to Doc Adams Winery and had a great wine tasting and brought a few bottles home. Emmylou had such a good time crawling around the tasting room and the beautiful lawn area! It was family-friendly and we all had such a nice time.

Our time in Adelaide was so relaxing and fun. It’s a great, little city with a laid-back vibe and tons to do!


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