Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes

On our most-recent trip to Adelaide we tested out our new packing cubes and it was a travel GAME-CHANGER!  We have always packed Emmylou’s clothes in our suitcases (read more about how we travel with an infant here) and were frustrated with how everything was mixed up and messy by the end of the trip.  I never knew if I should look for something of her’s in my suitcase or in Jon’s, which was annoying!

Enter packing cubes…I read about these online and figured I would order a set to try packing Emmylou’s stuff into.  Once they arrived, I saw the amazing potential these little cubes had, and ordered 2 more sets (we each got our own color).

I began packing Emmylou’s things in the cubes for our weekend in Adelaide.  I put her jammies and blanket into one cube, her daytime outfits in another and accessories in the smallest cube.  Done!  I was feeling REALLY good at that point and used the same categorical system to pack my own cubes. DONE!  Jon packed his clothes the same way and was sold on the cubes within minutes.  Here’s Emmylou and my things, laid out and ready to be put into the suitcase.

What we love about packing cubes: you can lay out all of your clothes in categorical piles and quickly put each stack into a cube, they keep all of your like-items together and neatly folded (this is especially helpful for things like socks, bathing suits and other small or awkward-to-fold items), lastly, they fit into the suitcase PERFECTLY!

Once we were in our hotel room, I took Emmylou’s cubes out of our suitcases and put them in a drawer.  It was SO nice to not have to work around her things in my suitcase the whole weekend!  I also knew where to find everything I needed; no more rummaging through the suitcase to find my lost sock!

I reorganized my cubes on the way home to hold dirty clothes together and clean clothes together, so laundry and unpacking was a snap; I just dumped the dirty clothes into the washer and put the neatly folded, clean clothes into drawers.  I hate unpacking, so these magical little cubes became my most favorite when they made it easier to get that chore done!

If you haven’t gotten packing cubes yet, give it a try.  It will blow your mind how such a simple thing makes such a big difference in your travels.


K, J, EL & P

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