A Day in the Life- February 2019

A Day in the Life- February 2019

Now that we’ve been in Alice for a little over 6 months, we’ve settled in and made our house home!! Here’s a little peek at a day in our life Down Under.

Our days begin with the alarm clock waking Jon for work. I get up at the same time and get ready to walk Penny.  She enjoys a few grunts and stretches each morning and it always cracks me up.

It’s so hot once the sun rises that we enjoy our early walks. Penny also seems to love the solo time with me and going Out Bush, which we can’t do with the stroller.  On this particular day, Emmylou also woke up early (with some adorable bedhead), so we all got ready to walk together. 😊

The sunrise was beautiful but the flies are such a pain!  They really don’t respond to swatting, so you just have to deal with them in your eyes, ears, nose, mouth…everywhere!

Once we get home, we say goodbye to Jon and send him off to the bus just before 7. I feed Penny and ideally have coffee before Emmylou wakes; around 7.  If she’s already up, we play!  I also run Alice, our vacuum, which Emmylou loves to chase around the house!

In the morning we have breakfast and chat with family (on our EchoShow, which is the best!) before morning nap time.  On this day my parents had good friends visiting so we chatted with them too!

Emmylou naps for about an hour at 9; so it’s usually a mad-dash for me to do some combo of work out/clean/shower.  I always crank the diffuser with lavender and orange or lemon to get myself motivated in the morning.

This day was a crockpot day; we needed pulled chicken for dinner’s recipe so I got it going while EL slept.  I also took a shower and got ready for the day.

We usually get out of the house after Emmylou’s nap to meet up with friends, run errands or attend a play group/swim lessons. Every day is a bit different but we both enjoy getting out and being social for a couple of hours during the day.  On this day we had Tea and Tots and brought a special book to read with friends.

When we get home from our outing, we eat lunch and Emmylou takes her afternoon nap at 1.

During her nap I try to get as much as I can done as I can! Usually it’s prepping dinner, cleaning, working out, blogging…some or all of those things.  This kitchen shows the chaos of a mama on a mission (clearing out the clean dishwasher, cleaning up lunch, prepping dinner…)!

I love getting dinner started early in the day!  Since 4:30-7 is our busiest/fussiest time of day, having dinner prepped is a huge win!  Jon also really appreciates coming home to a prepped meal because we can all enjoy a less stressful, more playful evening.

After cooking was finished I moved on to my favorite chore- mopping!  We have white tile and live in one of the dustiest and dirtiest places in the world…steam mopping up paw prints and grime is my jam!  I literally get giddy at the dirt on my mop pad every other day.  Gross? Maybe… Satisfying? Definitely!

I listened to an episode of The Happy Hour Live while I worked on this particular afternoon.  Once my chores are done, I enjoy the clean, quiet house for a few minutes.  This right here, friends, is homemaker heaven, hah!

I try to squeeze in a few minutes each day for some quiet time…I do a quick devotional and catch up on some reading or research something I’m into (blog posts and Instagram stories about toddler-life count as research, right?!).

I always make a point to give Penny some love and attention during this time, as well. If we haven’t made it down the block to the park at some point in the morning I let her out in the yard to sunbathe.  On this day she was extra cozy in bed.

After Emmylou’s afternoon nap we head to the post office to pick up our mail. Penny really enjoys riding along to get the mail and Emmylou loves playing with the packages and envelopes!

Once we’re back, we eat a snack and play until Daddy gets home. We’re all very happy to see him at 4:35!

Most days I tutor for 30 minutes after he gets home.  By 5:00 it’s a busy and quick 2 hours of family time before bedtime.

Usually EL is up to no good and plays in the dog bowl while we get dinner on the table.

After we eat, we play or take Penny for a walk, give Emmylou a bath and put her to sleep at 7:00.

After Emmylou goes to sleep, Jon and I finish up any chores and prep for the next day. We usually have about 30 minutes of quiet/chore time before we settle in to chat or watch tv.

On this night we enjoyed some ice cream for dessert and Penny enjoyed doing the dishes.  By 9 we’re all heading to bed!

This day turned out to be pretty typical of our lives Down Under, lately. We are thankful for and enjoying this sweet season of life.  Thanks for following along with us!

Happy Trails,

K, J, EL & P

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