Tom and Linda’s Visit- Alice Springs, NT, Australia

Tom and Linda’s Visit- Alice Springs, NT, Australia

We were thrilled to host Jon’s parents as our very first visitors to Alice Springs!  They spent a few days with us, exploring the Red Centre, before we all headed to Sydney together.  You can read more about our time at Bondi Beach here.

The weekend Tom and Linda came to Alice, there just happened to be a lot, “On,” as the Aussies call it.  We had a busy and fun weekend showing them some of our favorite things to do and see around our new home!

On the day they arrived, we hit the ground running and headed out to the Kangaroo Sanctuary at sunset.  This was a must-do so we made sure to get them out to experience it!  It was a beautiful evening, despite being warm, and we all enjoyed it so much!  Having just arrived, Tom and Linda did seem torn as to which baby to snuggle, the roos or Emmylou! Haha!

We did get to see Roger, who sadly passed away a few days after our visit, and enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful roos at the sanctuary.

It’s such a beautiful and special place- truly a unique experience.

The next day, we hung around town and took Tom and Linda to the pool so they could swim with our Little Fish.  She loves the pool and they loved swimming with her!

We also saw water running in the Todd River, which is usually a dry river bed.  We had a very rainy November and water slowly filled the riverbed at Telegraph Station.  This was cool to see and Tom and Linda were lucky to visit during this random occurrence!

We had a blast seeing the water and dipping Emmylou’s toes!

It was a hot weekend, so the boys enjoyed a couple of cold Iron Jacks while we were at the Todd Mall Markets.

We also went out to beautiful Ellery Creek Big Hole and it was a great trip Out Bush!  It was HOT, so we enjoyed cooling off in the watering hole.  Tom and I were extra brave and swam across it!

The water was a bit chilly for Emmylou, so she hung on the “beach” while we swam.

After a picnic lunch we headed home to play.  Emmylou had such a great time with her Grammy and Gramps visiting!

Tom, Linda and Jon all drove out to Tin Can Hill to soak in an Outback sunset, while I held down the fort at bedtime.  They had a fantastic ride in the Cruiser (Jon drove extra wild) and the sunset was gorgeous.  It was the perfect finale to their time in Alice.

We loved having Tom and Linda visit and look forward to more visitors.  They even said they would love to come back- we can’t wait until next time!

Happy Trails,

K, J, EL & P

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