Make Things Co. Watercolor

Make Things Co. Watercolor

I am SO excited to share our new custom watercolor illustration by the amazing, Riley Sheehey of Make Things Co.  Once we arrived in Alice Springs, I wanted to commemorate this special time in our lives with some artwork for our (very white) walls.  I chose Riley to illustrate our first picture in front of the Alice sign.  This moment was so special- we had just picked up Penny and Emmylou was only 3 months old (and such a peanut!).  We were finally all together and kicking off our exciting time in Alice.

Not only is this artwork so accurate, beautiful and special, but Riley is seriously amazing- she is SO talented, professional and kind (follow her on Instagram and you’ll see just how sweet she is)!  I knew Riley in college so I’m not surprised by and am so happy for her amazing success. Check out her website or follow her on Instagram @cestriley- she’s incredible!

Thanks for the beautiful painting, Riley, it’s proudly hanging in our kitchen and we will treasure it for years to come.

Happy Trails,

K. J. EL & P

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