Christmas Card 2018- Alice Springs, NT, Australia

Christmas Card 2018- Alice Springs, NT, Australia

Oh. My. Word! These pictures captured by the sweet, Hannah Millerick are so beautiful. We wanted to take a few family photos for our Christmas card and also capture this sweet time with Emmylou.

She’s now 6 months old, sitting up and eagerly exploring her world. We’ve watched her blossom over the past few months and are constantly amazed and entertained by her growth. We wanted to get some sweet, smiley photos while she is still stationary- we know this phase won’t last long and she’ll be on the move before we know it!

We took these photos right behind our neighborhood and love that the backdrop reveals the beauty of springtime in our new home. We’ve gotten a fair amount of rain this spring, so the Bush is bursting with new growth. The greenery is refreshingly beautiful!

The holiday season has arrived and we are embracing the Christmas season early- since Thanksgiving is an American holiday, there’s nothing stopping Aussies from kicking off the season in November.  We’ve gotten a kick out of the Christmas clothes they sell in stores- we’ve traded our Christmas sweaters for Santa swim trunks!

We’ve had total mixed feelings about this holiday season…we ache to hear the leaves crunching under our feet and to smell the crisp air. The landscape here mimics the colors of fall but feels completely different. I keep saying that I feel like we live in Florida (always sweating and smelling of sunscreen). We don’t mind it (and are enjoying it!) but do miss the traditional experiences we associate with the season.  We’re excited to celebrate the holidays here with friends.  We are looking forward to some new, holiday traditions but are truly missing our holidays at home.

Most importantly, we have 2 family visits/trips coming up! Jon’s parents will come right after Thanksgiving and we will explore Alice together for a few days, then fly to Sydney to hang at Bondi Beach. In January, my parents will cruise with us around the South Pacific and Eastern Australia. Both visits/trips are all we want for Christmas this year and we can’t wait!

Things have been busy around here; I guess time flies when you’re having fun.  Thanks for following along with our family as we grow and experience this little thing called life. It’s truly an honor to share it with you!

Happy Trails,
K, J, EL & P

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  • Hello Kathryn/Mrs. Worden!
    Ella and I are just catching up on your exciting life down under. Emmylou is simply gorgeous and is so lucky to have her big sister Penny looking after her. We are glad you are enjoying your new life – and I’m curious about the wondersuits! Ella misses you at Ashburton but is loving first grade.

    Enjoy your holidays with family – and the fabulous cruise! 🙂
    Pamela & Ella Kate

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