Tin Can Hill Anniversary Picnic- Alice Springs, NT, Australia

Tin Can Hill Anniversary Picnic- Alice Springs, NT, Australia

For our 3rd anniversary, we chose to keep it simple.  Since Emmylou was born, we have been going non-stop (moving, visiting Sydney, new job, new home); a simple picnic at sunset seemed just right!  So on 8/8, we packed up the baby, dog and some food and wine for an evening Out Bush.

On our wedding night, we snuck out with our photographer to take a few pictures at sunset.  It is really a sweet time to reflect and it’s becoming a tradition (see the post on our 2nd anniversary sunset picnic here).

As a couple, we have been blessed and challenged so much this year!  I would say year 3 had both the greatest risks and rewards for our marriage and we are a stronger couple because of it.  It was also the year we became a family instead of a couple, so we had lots to celebrate!  Soaking it all in over a gorgeous, Outback sunset was absolute perfection, if you ask me.

We had a magical evening together and enjoyed spending time with our little family outdoors.  Before we left Virginia, I had secretly gotten a wedding album from our amazing photographer.  After 3 years, we have the most beautiful book to savor that perfect day!  We enjoyed looking through the album and reading a few, sweet cards while the sun set.  We even spotted a few roos!

If you haven’t done a sunset picnic near you, I really hope you will.  Jon and I so enjoyed the peace and quiet time away from the usual nightly chores.  It turned out to be a pretty awesome and romantic date (even with the baby and the dog along)!

Here’s a video of our celebration, which I think captures the magic of the evening, perfectly.  Cheers!

Happy Trails,

K, J, EL & P

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