Tin Can Hill- Alice Springs, NT, Australia

Tin Can Hill- Alice Springs, NT, Australia

During our first weeks here, we quickly decided that the car we originally bought was NOT going to be big enough to get Out Bush the way we hope to while we’re down here.  Most places you visit within driving-distance require 4-wheel drive and a higher clearance because most of the driving is on trails/off-road.  Jon ended up buying a Land Cruiser from one of our neighbors, and now we are SET!  It is a great vehicle to take out Bush and is in pristine condition…to say Jon is happy is an understatement- here he is giving a Cheers to his new toy!

Our first trip Out Bush with, “The Cruiser,” (as we are affectionately calling it) was with a few families to Tin Can.  This is about a 10 minute, trail drive from our neighborhood.  Although you are within miles of home, you feel like you are far from everything (which you kind of are).  It’s totally my kind of hang out- there’s a fire pit and the perfect spot to watch the sunset.  Here’s a picture looking down on our set up for the evening.  Clearly white SUV’s are a thing down here. 😛

Our first ride Out Bush made sweet Penny so nervous!  She was so confused why it was bumpy and literally glued herself to the back seat.  Once we arrived, she realized it was a pretty sweet spot and she was jazzed for the rest of the night (as you’ll hear and see in the video).

Emmylou managed the ride just fine in her car seat, but we’ll have to hold off on some of the more intense trails until her neck support is fully-developed.  (Jon went out on a trail the following week that he said was much more bumpy and that he wouldn’t take the baby or dog out there.)  We were so excited when we arrived to find this view!

Some of the kiddos took me to the top of the hill and soon I learned why this place is called, “Tin Can.”  There’s a flagpole at the top of the hill with a tin can on the top.  Unfortunately, the tin can had fallen down but we got the idea.  The 360 views are just incredible.

Did you spot the tin can on the ground?

Penny enjoyed soaking in the views!

We all brought something for our fiesta and, of course, the evening ended with s’mores.  It was a blast to all hang out, watch the gorgeous sunset and see the kiddos enjoying the evening.  This introduction to Bush life was seriously all I needed to love living here!

Here’s a video of our first trip to Tin Can; surely there will be many more to come!

Happy Trails,

K, J, EL & P




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