Bell’s Brewery- Winter White Ale

Bell’s Brewery- Winter White Ale

How about that shot!? I actually took this picture in New York, right as we were leaving Jon’s parents.  A fresh batch of snow had just fallen and I quickly threw this beer into the snow for a picture…and I think it turned out perfectly!  What a perfect koozie for this delicious beer!  This beer makes the dark, cold winter months look and taste refreshing!

Bell’s Brewery is one of my favorites for many reasons.  First, my parents live in Kalamazoo, so Bell’s feels like a home-town brew to us.  We frequent the Bell’s Eccentric Cafe when we’re in town and love seeing the seasonal beers they release (even out here in Virginia)!  I also adore Bell’s Michigan-inspired bottle artwork.  Enjoying a Bell’s tastes like going home, since Michigan has always been a second-home for my family.  Summer just isn’t summer without an Oberon…

The Winter White Ale is no exception.  A light and refreshing Belgian-inspired wheat, this beer warms you on a cold night without being as dark/heavy as a stout.  I love Bell’s light twist on the typical dark, seasonal winter beer!  If you check out this article on the Bell’s website, they suggest various pairings and recipe’s using the Winter White Ale.  How cool, Bell’s!


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