Goodbye 2016!

Goodbye 2016!

This year Penny has blessed our family with so many new adventures.  Experiencing a year through the nose of a hound dog is magical, wonderful and inspiring (and let’s be honest, a bit exhausting)!  Taking your dog out day after day may seem burdensome to some, but it has become a habit of joy for our family.  Whether around the block or down the Appalachian Trail, Penny sniffs each trail with enthusiasm. We’ve seen the seasons change and met new friends along the way (some more welcomed than others, no thank you skunks).

May your 2017 be filled with lots of new adventures and countless walks around the block with the ones you love!  Thanks for following our adventures; here’s to many more!

Happy Trails,

K, J and P

1 thought on “Goodbye 2016!”

  • This is wonderful. You and Penny both are such a wonder addition to this family. Looking forward to another great year.

    Aunt Tina

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