Christmas Card 2016- Herndon, Virginia

Christmas Card 2016- Herndon, Virginia

Both Jon and I are serious lovers of the Christmas season and Christmas cards are one tradition we look forward to sharing with our loved ones each year.  Although this post is less about a life-enriching experience on the trail, we figured our friends and family would get a kick out of hearing how our Christmas card came to be.  When Penny’s involved, there’s usually a good story.

We wanted to feature Penny this year, since she is the new addition to our family, or “pack” (as we think she would call it).  That being said, I started dreaming of our perfect family photo in August.  I had Pinterest-inspired outfits picked out, poses planned and the perfect setting- the park across the street from us that we frequently run through.  Jon went along with the plans very graciously (pretty sure I drove him crazy).  The one thing I was nervous about, was getting Penny to look at the camera for the self-timer (I was not about to invite any one else into my crazy, dog-mama plans to take the photos, insert blushing emoji here).

Our photo shoot took place on a beautiful Sunday and we had to take 3 rounds of photos.  When I say rounds, I mean we went out to the park and back home 3 times (good thing we live close).  Every time we thought we had some good shots we would realize this or that and find an excuse why that one just wouldn’t work.  Jon and I are both perfectionists and, unfortunately, this was one of those times where we totally egged each other on.  I think both of us wanted to capture a nice picture of the two of us (because let’s be honest, I am not sending out a bad picture of the humans) but also wanted to capture Penny’s personality.  And this girl has lots of personality.  The photo we ended up choosing completely captures her sass and sweetness all at once.  And we love her for all of it!

The last outing, Penny really got into her element.  We ended up parking near some trees.  Penny quickly sniffed out some squirrels and began howling.  It was that instant that I demanded Jon put the camera down and start clicking.  I am so glad I did!  (Side note, Jon discovered the remote app for our Sony a6000, which worked much better than self-timer.  Can’t wait to take advantage of that more often!)   The pictures we captured are hilarious and truly reflect Penny in all her glory.  She is a great squirrel-huntress and that should be celebrated, right!?  We adore our coonie and wouldn’t trade her crazy hound behavior for anything.  Enjoy!

Rocking her “Elvis Lip”
All of this picture-taking is making me sleepy!


Jon was not yet sold, at this point…but Penny is clearly in her element!


We hope you enjoyed these out-takes as much as we enjoyed the process!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

K, J and P

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