Penny’s Portrait

Penny’s Portrait

Recently a friend reached out on Facebook to let me know about an artist who was looking for coonhounds to illustrate.  Well, I quickly jumped at the opportunity and sent in some of our favorite glamour shots of Penny as inspiration.  A few weeks later, we received this gorgeous illustration of our happy girl!

Isn’t she just the prettiest hound you’ve ever seen (perhaps I’m biased)?!  To think, this sweet girl was underweight, living outside, chained to a crate and listed on Craigslist to be given away just a little over a year ago is crazy.  She is such a huge part of our family and seriously has the best personality.   This illustration is such juxtaposition to that time in her life- she’s healthy and being featured as the happy girl she is, through and through!

Although I could go on and on about Penny, the true star in this story is the talented artist behind the Art of Coonhound, VieiraGirl.  If you would like an adorable illustration of your pet, feel free to contact her via her Etsy store and follow her on Instagram @vieiragirl.  She loves illustrating all dogs and you can even print your pup’s picture on cards, clothes, phone cases, etc.  How fun is that?!  It would make a great gift for any dog-lover.

Thanks again for the beautiful illustration, VieiraGirl!

K, J and P

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