Manassas National Battlefield Park- Manassas, Virginia

Manassas National Battlefield Park- Manassas, Virginia

One of our favorite places to visit with Penny is the battlefield at Manassas (Bull Run).  It is close to home but each time we go we experience something new!


Penny loves to go for runs at the battlefields because of the variety of scenery.  If you follow the entire First Manassas Trail you will see battle fields, meadows, forest, streams, hills and historical landmarks.  It makes for an exciting and interesting trail-running loop.


Jon and I enjoy visiting and following the marked information boards along the trail.  The loop is designed to tell you the entire story of the 1861 battle, when the Union and Confederate armies converged for the first time on the plains of Manassas (the Second Manassas Trail details the second battle, which happened a year later).  You follow the footsteps of the soldiers and read about the battle as you go.  The various historical views definitely keep your interest up throughout.  We think that’s awesome- a history lesson and run combined!





We have enjoyed the park in the fall, spring and summer.  Summer is brutally HOT but you really feel the historical experience, since both battles were fought in summer. (Can you even imagine wearing a wool uniform in 100 degree weather?!)  We recently took Jon’s family when they were visiting.  We went on the most gorgeous, fall day and everyone loved it.  We can’t wait to go back when it’s covered in snow (and I hope that’s soon)!

Happy Trails,

K, J & P

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  • This one has been on our list forever! You may have just bumped it to the top of the “Summer 2017 Day Trips” list lol!!!

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