The BioLite camp stove has quickly proven to be one of the best gear investments we have made. Jon convinced me that we needed to replace our camp stove with a BioLite and I resisted (since we have an almost new camp stove). He convinced me to invest when he told me about the fact that it’s a wood-burning stove, meaning no gas tanks necessary!

The BioLite is designed to function in pretty much any conditions and has come in handy during our rainy camp season this spring. Using only small twigs, you can quickly percolate a pot of coffee, grill up a campfire quesadilla or roast a marshmallow. This self-sufficient stove also provides an additional power source when running (generating power to a USB port). This small function helps our phones get powered up for the day or illuminates our picnic table at night (the kit includes a USB powered light).

One thing to remember about the BioLite is that it burns small twigs, so you need to have kindling on hand or an ax to break up branches.  At some camp sites, it is easy to find dry sticks laying around, others are more sparse or wet.  Also, just I like my hot cup of coffee, the BioLite loves wood- it’s a real wood-hound.  This challenge would be our only drawback, but has been remedied by our stash of Stix.  Sometimes, these are a life saver!

After my resistance to making this, seemingly frivolous, purchase I will be the first to tell you that the BioLite makes for a better camping experience. No matter what the weather, with the BioLite I am guaranteed a hot mug of coffee each morning and a toasted s’more each night. I don’t know about you, but my camping trips are made by hot coffee and s’mores!

Happy Trails,

K, J & P