Jones Run and Doyles River- Shenandoah National Park

Jones Run and Doyles River- Shenandoah National Park

This past weekend we camped at Loft Mountain in Shenandoah National Park.  We spent the day hiking the Jones Run/Doyles River trail, which begins at the Brown’s Gap parking area, just minutes from the campsite.  This hike proved to be one of our favorites in SNP!

Jon is a huge fan of waterfall hikes, so this was his dream come true!  After a short warm up on the AT, the first series of falls on Jones Run take your breath away (and your balance- careful of slick rocks)!  Once you hit the first set of falls, the trail continues to follow the river through the woods and the views are consistently stunning throughout.  The hike is filled with fall after fall, with one minor river crossing (it had rained a lot the days leading up to our hike so the falls were very full).



The only draw back of this hike would be that the trail became quite crowded, making the waterfall views less stunning (think waterfalls covered in tourists).  Jon suggested reversing the hike mapped here to hit the falls earlier in the hike rather than later.  Hiking earlier in the day or on a weekday would help a lot too (we hiked through the afternoon on a Saturday).




Penny enjoyed this hike and it was not super difficult.  According to Jon’s Garmin, the mileage was closer to 8.5 miles.  This is a long hike for Penny, so she was happy to see the truck when we arrived back at Brown’s Gap.  We loved everything about this hike except for the annoying tourists distracting us from the beauty along this trail.

Happy Trails,

K, J & P

All photos were taken with our Sony a6000